New Seven-Month Class Starting September, 2019

Join Lindsey Lane and me as we kick off a new seven-month journey starting in September, 2019. There will not be any workshop component to this course so, no obligation to read and offer feedback for fellow participants. You will not be obligated to anyone’s work but your own. This course is designed to focus solely on you: your writing, your goals, your growth. There will be a once-a-month meetup (you can video conference in if you’re not in Austin) to facilitate community and share as you’d like about your current project(s). Throughout the course, Lindsey and I will read forty pages each month from everyone and offer our feedback and direction based on individual goals.

Applications will be closing soon. More information and instructions for applying:

This session of The Writing Course will run from September, 2019 – April, 2020. We will not meet during December. The course is limited to a maximum of eight participants.

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